Transportable Home Lender Guidelines

This page is for transportable, removal, second-hand, relocatable, manufactured, pre-fab and factory built homes lending guidelines.

GuidelinesIf you don’t appear to meet our lenders standard lending guidelines then please contact us to discuss other funding options that may be available to you.

All loans are assessed by the lender when they are submitted. We cannot approve a loan on behalf of the lender however we can tell you if we think your loan isn’t likely to be approved. The below information is as a guide only and is not a guarantee that your loan will be approved.

Interest rate / fee discounts

Interest rates: We will always try to place your loan with a reputable lender including some of the major banks that can release funds to build transportable homes. In most cases we can match or beat the rate being offered by your bank or mortgage broker!

Fees: In most cases the application fee is waived! Talk to us to see what special offers are currently available. Some types of low doc loans incur an application fee.

Acceptable Security

Size: Less than 50 ha in size.

Zoning: Zoned residential, rural residential or rural. No commercially zoned properties.

Farms: No farms (hobby farms are usually ok).

Access to the property:Unrestricted access via a public road, power connected or available to be connected.

Temporary housing: Temporary or homes that could be moved again easily are not ideal and can be assessed on a case by case basis.

Over 50′s / Caravan Parks / Leasehold land: No leasehold land (usually over 50′s villages with a site agreement) can be used as security for a mortgage. Loan to buy these can be funded using other properties owned by the borrower or a guarantor as security for the loan. Freehold, Torrens title, Community title or Strata title retirement / over 50′s villages can be funded with a loan of up to 70% of their value.


Employment duration: Minimum one day in your current job with a track record of employment in the same industry or six months in your current job with no track record of employment in the same industry.

Employment type: Casual, contractors, pensioners, disability pensions, family benefits, investors and other income sources are assessed on a case by case basis.

Self Employed: Self employed minimum six months in the current business with a track record of employment in the same line of work or two years in the current business with no previous track record. Low doc may be available up to 80% LVR (80% of the property value).


Real Estate Security: Must have real estate that can be used as security and it must meet the above acceptable security guidelines. A second mortgage can be used as security (it may be ok if there is already a loan on the property, depending on the amount of equity available).

Income: In some cases we can use a guarantors income to help service the debt. In these cases the guarantee will have to remain in place until the borrower is no longer reliant on the guarantors income to repay the loan.

Pensioners: A pensioner’s home cannot be used for a guarantee with most lenders. There are some lenders that can consider this on a case by case basis.

For more information please visit our guarantor loans page.

Releasing funds prior to a transportable home being complete and on site

Lenders can only release funds for construction before the house is on site in the following circumstances:

  • There is sufficient equity in the land or another property owned by the borrower. Contact us about our discounted equity loans from major bank and non-bank lenders. One of our lenders is now able to release up to 95% of the value of the land prior to the house being on site!
  • A guarantee can be provided by someone who has equity in real estate. This allows first home buyers and other people with no deposit to build transportable homes and relocate second hand homes. Contact us about our low cost construction guarantor loans.
  • We are currently negotiating with our lenders to source other funding options.

If you aren’t sure if you qualify for a loan or have any questions then please contact us to discuss your situation with one of our specialists.

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