Prefabricated home loans tailored to suit you!

The term prefabricated home is actually used to describe two distinct methods of construction. Prefab homes can be built in a factory before being delivered to site by a truck in one or more sections or can refer to kit homes built by an owner builder.

Builder's accessoriesPrefabricated houses that are factory built have more in common with the transportable home or manufactured home construction methods.

Once on site they are permanent structures just like any other house.

Releasing funds before the house is complete

Most builders require payment before the house is complete, however banks will only release construction drawdowns when the house is finished! Those of you with good financial positions can use our economical equity loans to fund your project. If you are a first home buyer or don’t have any deposit then you can use our famous guarantor loan. We are the ONLY mortgage broker in Australia that specialises in Prefabricated homes!

Prefabricated kit homes

Kit home style prefab home loans are assessed by lenders as owner builder home loans and you may be restricted by the amount you can borrow. If your prefabricated home is built in sections which you personally complete then please contact us for further finance information. Mortgages for kit homes are available for customers in good financial positions.

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